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Clean Living Lifestyle Coaching
30 mins · $15

Work at your pace to start removing the yuck from your home, body and life. We will meet monthly to walk through one area of your life to determine what changes you want to focus on for greater wellness. Options include looking through your bathroom cabinets, cleaning products, food pantry, beauty care, body care and more. Includes follow up and accountability so that you incorporate the changes you want to make long term. Price is per session.

Releasing Emotional Patterns Session
30 mins · $45

The Releasing Emotional Patters sessions can be done virtual or in person. The essential oils needed for the session will be shipped to you if necessary. Determining which emotions are present and which oils are needed is included. This can be through client input or an Itovi scan which is optional but included. Price varies because it is based on the time and oils needed for the session. 

Aroma Freedom Technique
45 mins · $65

Ever have a goal or resolution you keep setting over and over but it never materializes? The Aroma Freedom Technique is great for setting goals and intentions for your self and your future self. The technique helps you let go of negative thinking that gets in your way of success. This technique can be done virtual or in person. The essential oils needed for the session will be shipped to you if necessary.

Aroma Boost Technique
30 mins · $45

Do you procrastinate? In a funk? Need an emotional boost for the things that are are currently on your plate? The Aroma Boost Technique can help. It can be done virtual or in person and the essential oils needed for the session can be shipped to you if necessary.

Aroma Reset Technique
30 mins · $15

Got stress? Struggle with the feeling of being overwhelmed on a regular basis? This technique is quick and easy to learn so that you can use the process on a regular, daily if needed, basis. The Aroma Reset Technique session can be done virtually or in person. A 1ml bottle of the Memory Release Oil blend and a recording of the technique or booklet is included, so you can recreate the experience as needed. 

Memory Resolution Technique
45 mins · $65

Can you recall a time and place that something profoundly negative happened in your life? Most of us have several memories that come to mind. These negative and often traumatic memories can have a huge impact on our emotional wellness. The Memory Resolution Technique is designed to let go of the negative emotion and negative thinking connected to those memories. It does not erase memories but instead softens the intensity of the pain. If you are not sure which technique to start with, I typically suggest this one first. This can be done virtually or in person with the essential oils needed for the session shipped to you if necessary.

Aroma Doomsday Technique 
30 mins  $30
Do you have extended anxiety or worry about the future? A very powerful technique if you are worried about something that feels like probable ruin or impending doom. The Aroma Doomsday Technique can help you let go of strong fears about the future and replace them with an affirmation and next step for yourself. 

iTOVi Scan + Consult
30 mins · $10

Scan with my iTOVi device to find out your bodies list of suggested oils and/or supplements. This device uses galvanic skin response to measure temperatures and frequencies in your body, similar to that of a Fitbit. Scans need to be done in person but can be done in a socially distanced way. You will receive a report by email and support from me with making sense of that report. It is suggested to scan yourself at least once a month. Get your first scan today! For more info, check out

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